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Support systems

Eaton’s B-Line series support systems effectively support, protect, and connect engineered facility subsystems, while providing a lower total installed cost.

Innovative solutions that drive a total lower installed cost 

In order to be competitive in today’s market, it’s important to leverage support solutions that provide installation and materials savings as well as design versatility to help compress your time and budget to help win bids.  

Based on extensive testing and voice of the customer, we engineer innovative products that install quicker, require fewer tools and reduce the amount of materials required. 

Featured below are just a few new innovations that provide total lower installed cost.  For learn more, contact your local representative.

Reduces installation time by up to 50% 

The innovative B-Line series conduit trapeze support features a Z shape design for added strength, ease of installation and design flexibility; the result is a total lower installed solution.  

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Conduit trapeze support

Learn how your can save on your next trapeze installation application.

Structural steel savings

Eaton’s B-Line series metallic cable ladder systems are design to provide superior strength to weight ratio while providing a lower total installed cost solution.

B-Line series cable ladder reduces total installed cost

As the cost of structural steel continues to increase, the impact of reducing the quantity of supports on a project can offset the cost o the cable ladder system all together.

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